Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Manchurian Remix

Tammy Honey, Manchurian Remix (2003) video still, DV as single channel DVD, colour, sound, 3mins.

This video is the remixed version of 'Lushus Honey' dubbed in Mandrin instead of the original English version. The fictitious character, which is also my alter ego, is placed in context to the amateur music video clip genre and explores the relationships played out through an unachievable desire of pop fame.

The work was filmed and produced in Hobart in 2003 being the first of a major series of (current) work that teases out these themes. A total of 10 video installations will make up the significance of this series.

Manchurian Remix was screened at CAST, Hobart (second level) in December 2003. It will also feature in the forthcoming DVD ‘Tammy Honey: Video Hits 1’ available in late 2007.