Friday, 15 December 2006


iamanda (2006) video still, DV as single channel DVD, colour, sound, 5mins.

This work takes influence from the recent iPod commercials by filming a seemingly unaware headphone-claded pop-star-in-the-making in a private moment of dance and mime acted out in a public setting. While the character moves, jumps, falls to her knees, yells, and proclaims her secretly heard pop lyrics in a tone deaf rendition, the overall work takes on a performative response to my continuing investigation into pop desire yet at the same time responds to the culture of iPods and its subsequent affect on the disengaging of experience through public spaces.

This work will be screened in the forthcoming exhibition Tammy Honey: Video Hits 2003-07 curated by Shaun Wilson and feature in the DVD Tammy Honey: Video Hits 1 available in late 2007.